Friday 25 October 2019

A new beginning

I was so impressed and/or amused by my choice of title for a recent blog post that I decided to spin up a new blog dedicated to my experiences and contemplations around microservices.

The "New Adventures in Microservices" title was partially inspired by the R.E.M. album "New Adventures in Hi-Fi" from the mid-nineties.  "New adventures in wi-fi" would have a nicer ring to it, but would be a bit off topic.

I feel doubly unoriginal in my choice of title, as IBM used to have a series of continuous integration related posts on their DeveloperWorks site under the title "Automation for the People" which I am 99.9% certain took inspiration from the R.E.M. album "Automatic for the People".  Just to add another "nine" to my confidence - at the time of writing this post I see Paul Duvall - who produced the content for that DeveloperWorks series - has a tweet pinned from a Stelligent presentation, "The waiting is the hardest part" - a reference to the lyrics of a Tom Petty song.

Anyway...  I've managed to resist the temptation to give each post the title of an R.E.M. song, so from here forward you may find this blog more informative than amusing.

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